Alice et moi

Pop / Electro
- 18 July 2019 - 20:30 /

Heaven help you of you fall under the spell of her slender appearance and sweet voice, reminiscent of that of Vanessa Paradis, mixed with the electro-sentimental rhythms of generation Y.

Alice et Moi may come across as a young blossoming girl but she is more than adept at playing with words and leading a team.
Alice et Moi is a very cerebral, self-taught, multi-talented artist, who directs her videos and produces her records herself, making her home-made, fiercely independent approach her core ethos.

A little bit schizophrenic and deliberately narcissistic, Alice et Moi invites spectators to draw an eye on their hand too and open their eyes wide to dive into her playful, sweet and bitter universe, through the looking glass.