16 Août 2022

IN Festival stages

The Jean-Deschamps Theater (Medieval City)

A unique site in France which brings together the greatest artists at the Festival IN...

Every summer, the Théâtre de la Cité Médiévale becomes a major performance venue, welcoming big names from the French and international music scene, as well as theatre, dance, opera and classical music. Every evening, the magic of the place combined with the quality of the artists and the technical means deployed, offers the public great moments of emotion. The history and soul of this place undoubtedly give another dimension to these shows that artists and spectators find nowhere else.

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The Château Comtal (Medieval City)

In the heart of the Medieval City, the Château Comtal is a building that cannot be ignored since it is a fortress within a fortress. This place becomes for a month, the host of the plays and dance of the programming of the Festival of Carcassonne. An exceptional place steeped in history that makes this place an intimate place where performances take on another dimension. Some big names in French theater like Francis Huster, have made the Château Comtal one of their favorite places to present their plays to the Carcassonnais public.

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