The Avener + Ofenbach

- 16 July 2020 - 20:30 /

At just 25 years of age, the two Parisians of Ofenbach are up-and-coming stars of the deep house movement, with a French Touch, even though they do not sound exclusively electronic and appeal to major names in rock and folk music. The first one is a classically trained pianist and part-time drummer, while the second is a singer and guitarist.

This is what we hear in Be Mine, Katchi or Paradise, three hits which have hit millions of streams, supported by fun & sexy videos. In April 2019, they released an eponymous EP, which contains these three hits as well as 5 previously unreleased songs, including tracks featuring US bands Portugal The Man and The Bamboos, and stand-out track Rock It.

The duo continues its rise to fame and was back in force in mid-November with a party hit with a strong and heady beat: the hard-hitting Insane!

Tristan Casara, aka The Avener, is not just another DJ/producer/tinkerer. While he knows better than anyone else how electronic machines work, he is first and foremost a musician. A musician who, at the tender age of 5, studied classical piano at the Nice Conservatory. 4 years ago, his début album “The Wanderings of the Avener”, with the single Fade out lines, the reworked version of a song by Phoebe Killdeer, became a worldwide hit (1.5 million copies sold), making him one of the rising stars in the world of electronic music. He is now putting the finishing touches to his second album to be released in the autumn, preceded by a first single release, Beautiful, featuring Bipolar Sunshine. “It goes against the tide of electronic and hip-hop music somehow”, he says, “as I returned to the basic principles of music by playing with harmonies, melodies and groove accompanied by subtle, sensible lyrics”.



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