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has lost none of its charm, and the garden has lost none of its radiance.
- 12 July 2021 - 21:30 /

A little over thirty years ago, in the midst of Berlioz’s surprising music interspersed with bombing and machine gun noise, an unconventional Brother Laurent exclaimed in front of Jorge Donn and Hitomi Asakawa: “Make love, not war!”.

Today, Gil Roman, who is about the same age as the creation of my Romeo and Juliet, surrounded by dancers who have never seen this ballet, replies: “You told us: make love, not war. We made love, why does love make war against us?” . This is the anguished cry of young people for whom the problem of death for love is added to that of the multiple wars which have continued to rage throughout the world since the so-called END of the last world war!

My ballets are first and foremost encounters: with music, life, death, love...  with beings whose past and work are reincarnated as myself, just like, as a former dancer, I am reincarnated each time as dancers who surpass me. A love affair with Queen’s music. Invention, violence, humour, love: it’s all there. I love them, they inspire and guide me and I am sure that, from time to time in this no man’s land where we are all headed, Freddie Mercury plays the piano with Mozart.
A ballet about youth and hope: as a hopeless optimist, I also believe that, despite everything, the show must go on, as Queen put it in one of their songs.
Maurice Béjart

More information
  • Choreography: Maurice Béjart
  • Music: Queen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Costumes designed by: Gianni Versace
  • Lighting design: Clément Cayrol
  • Lighting: Dominique Roman
  • Video editing: Germaine Cohen
  • Première: Salle Métropole, Lausanne, 15 December 1996
  • Revival: Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, 8 March 2008
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