'Bronx' with Francis Huster

- 4 July 2020 - 21:30 /

9-year-old Cologio observes the world of “wise guys”.

He is particularly fascinated by their boss Sunny. His father Lorenzo, a bus driver, has trouble accepting his son's interest in criminals, as he has always personally refused any compromise. One night, Cologio witnesses a murder committed by Sunny but does not say anything to the police. The gangster shows his gratitude by taking him under his wing. As he grows older, Cologio is torn between the lifestyle of the underworld and that of his actual family, between crime and righteousness. The play unites street people and theatre. It speaks to everyone. The more personal the text is, the more universal, as clearly understood by Chazz Palminteri, who tells his own story through this autobiography, in this “mob rule” he was born into, torn between two fathers... and faced with a terrible dilemma from a very young age. Instinct or caution? Talent is choice!

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“With Francis and this masterpiece, I am tackling events that may affect a childhood and an entire life. How a choice can determine a destiny. How an event results in a dialectic of life. Are we free to make our own choices? What is the difference between enjoying success in life and leading a successful life? This play has universal appeal and is truly necessary”. Steve Suissa

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By Chazz Palminteri
Adapted by: Alexia Perimony
Directed by: Steve Suissa



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