[Musique alternative]
- 16 July 2022 - 20:30 /

Cascadeur is making a comeback. Ten years after his first album with rich and airy pop which made his success, "The Human Octopus", the artist with the starry helmet returns with "Revenant", a new opus under the sign of the rebirth. If this pianist, singer-songwriter, advances masked or decked out in a starry helmet, it is because the notion of mystery is an integral part of his music and his character. Discovered in 2008 by Les Inrockuptibles magazine's CQFD competition, Cascadeur continues his journey with disturbing stage performances.

Rich with three albums and multiple collaborations with French artists (Christophe, DJ PFel – C2C, Anne Catherine Gillet…) and international artists (Midlake, Stuart Staples…), many know him thanks to his black anthem “Walker”, or even his compositions for television or cinema, from Combat Ordinaire by Laurent Tuel to Lupine on Netflix with his title “Meaning” which introduced him to the rest of the world. Find him on the Carnot stage in a performance that reflects his music: spellbinding!