- 23 July 2022 - 22:00 /

Powerful, hard-hitting, but also smooth and sensual: it's hard to miss this voice that has been resonating in the Francophonie for several years now. The artist Chilla, rapper-singer and figurehead of urban music is no longer taking her first steps today. Devoted to creation since her beginnings, she has made the studio her second home and draws inspiration from the heart of current events and her personal experiences. Her hymns to female resilience, “Sale chienne” and “Si j’étais un homme” ignite the canvas with the clairvoyance of their lyrics. Chilla makes rap a therapy in order to resist the violence of the world in which she finds herself projected after leaving the conservatory. With strength and modesty, musicality and self-mockery, she then tells how she emancipated herself from those who would have tried to lock her in a box. While singing, Chilla lets go, as if to better let herself go on an intense and fulfilling musical journey: meet on Saturday July 23 on the Chénier stage for a ride with her!