Dire au revoir

- 24 July 2022 - 21:30 /

The Corps et Voix Theater Company, with more than thirty years of existence, continues to innovate and happily mixes theater and dance. This time, she set out to create a show based on short stories, set in voice and motion to live music. A new experience, a different way of working for the troop which found, as support, the collection of short stories by Gaëtan Roussel (singer of Louise Attaque) entitled “Dire au revoir”. The troupe finds itself in the depth of the text, which declines at will certain situations, ways of saying goodbye, of saying goodbye. The troupe found in the text, the rhythm of writing that they try to translate on stage. A professional musician will play his music in this original show where actors, dancers, musician, lighting designer are all directing:
Sylvie Laurens-Azam, Marie-Aude Boni, Juliana Beaulieu, Morgane Brillaud, Benoît Laurens, Laurent Savio, Jean-Louis Kubski, Jean-Michel Clanet.