¡ Fandango !

- 7 July 2022 - 21:30 /

"To speak of Fandango is to refer to tradition, to customs, to the voice of the people, to Flamenco... It represents a transversal axis of Spanish culture present for more than 500 years, both in social areas and in intimacy homes.

Based on these premises, we build an extravagant fantasy of the Spanish world, a flamenco world, where we give carte blanche to the past, present and future (possible or not) of our history; to origins and transformations, to avant-garde and tradition. We use our language, flamenco dance and, by extension, dance in general, immersing ourselves in the infinite variety it offers us.
By blurring the boundaries of folk, Spanish and flamenco dance expressions, we create an amalgamation of movements in which we can shout at the top of our lungs ¡FANDANGO! »David Coria

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¡FANDANGO! Giraldillo Prize for the best show of the Bienal de Sevilla 2020

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Duration: 1h25

5 dancers and 4 musicians

Program :

  • El miedo – La muerte Siesta – Faena
  • Dominación
  • La fiera
  • La memoria
  • La fiesta


  • Carré Or : 50€*
  • 1ère série : 47€*
  • 2ème série : 42€*

*Frais de location inclus.
Toutes les places sont assises et numérotées.
Tarifs jeune et étudiant à 19€ / sénior à 24€ (dans la limite des places prévues à cet effet) se renseigner auprès du PAC Billetterie.
Tarifs PSH et PMR : se renseigner auprès du PAC Billetterie.

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