Gainsbourg, toute une vie

- 24 June 2022 - 22:00 /

“Gainsbourg, Whole Life” draws a total, unprecedented portrait, far from the usual clichés, of “the Man with the Cabbage Head”… This intimate Gainsbourg was made possible thanks to unpublished archives from his relatives; and the participation of Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg who, for the first time, agreed to speak exclusively about her father in front of a camera. Whether we love Gainsbourg, or whether we love to hate him, we do not remain indifferent to the artist, his destiny, and his pioneering, timeless work. Telling the backstage of this extraordinary journey, this film is an invitation to find Gainsbourg as he really was: incredibly creative, touching and funny. And to understand why, as he wrote, he "outrageously" disguised the extreme modesty of his feelings.

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