George et Sarah avec Marie-Christine Barrault et Christelle Reboul

- 6 July 2022 - 21:30 /

In this month of February 1870, George Sand is an old lady who is still unworthy but increasingly weary. His career begins to decline, the directors of Parisian theaters refuse his last play.

To convince them, she sees only one solution: to persuade Sarah Bernhardt, now the greatest actress of the time, to accept the main role. This is how, after an interminable journey, George arrives without warning in the house that Sarah rents in Port Blanc, a small Breton village.

Then begins a jubilant duel, cruel and funny, between these two women, both so similar and so distant, punctuated by the bursts of the storm - and arbitrated in spite of himself by Sarah's lover, Lucien, a young sailor 17 years old.

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Duration: 1h15

Author: Thierry LASSALLE
Director: Olivier MACE


  • Marie-Christine BARRAULT
  • Christine REBOUL

Set design: Olivier PROST
Costumes: Jean-Daniel VUILLERMOZ
Music: Nicolas JORELLE
Lights: Denis LEMAÎTRE



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