Jack White (+ KO KO MO)

- 12 July 2022 - 20:30 /

Jack White [Garage Rock] - 21:30

Jack White, considered one of the best guitarists in the world by the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine, arrives for the very first time at the Carcassonne Festival for a date that promises to be unique at the Jean-Deschamps Theater on July 12, 2022 ! Do not miss !

Jack White is successful, in the United States but also internationally, initially with the famous duo The White Stripes (founded in 1997). With Meg White, the group will release 7 albums including the famous Elephant, which contains the title Seven Nation Army, their biggest worldwide success.
In 2008, the iconic musician decided to put an end to the White Stripes adventure to make a solo career and arrived, 4 years later, with his very successful first album Blunderbuss.

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Three more albums will follow Lazaretto (2014), Acoustic Recordings (1998-2016) in 2016 and Boarding House Reach in 2018. In 2022, Jack White has plans to release not one, but two albums! The first, Fear Of The Dawn, was released on April 8, 2022. The second, Entering Heaven Alive, is scheduled for July 22, 2022.

“Jack White has written and recorded music throughout the past few years, creating two totally separate albums with Fear Of The Dawn and its follow-up, Entering Heaven Alive - each defined by different inspirations, different themes, different moods. . "

Part 1: KO KO MO [Rock] - 20:30

KO KO MO is an explosive musical duo, two beasts of the stage: Warren (guitar - vocals) and Kevin "K20" (drums - backing vocals). Together, it's the fury of living. Always fully in the footsteps of their 70's heroes, they subtly transcend their influences to offer us a "classic rock" with vintage looks and yet undeniably current. Warren combines his sometimes androgynous vocalizations with a guitar game never stingy in riffs and solos, while "K20" breaks the house with a sense of showmanship and a fury worthy of the greatest hitters in the history of rock. With their third album, "NEED SOME MO'", its unbridled sonic assaults and its hectic rhythms, Warren and Kevin once again prove that they demonstrate a hair-raising extravagance and a rare incandescence.



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