Jérémy Frerot

Pop/French Chanson
- 24 July 2019 - 22:15 /

It all began with the duo formed with Florian, Fréro Delavega. After selling more than 2 million albums and bringing together 1 million spectators across France, 2017 marked their final concert in Bordeaux. That evening, Jérémy sang Revoir for Florian, who had taught him how to “marvel at little things and open his heart wide”.

As he is “introducing himself” with this first solo album, Jérémy has not forgotten who he is. He just needed to set the right tone, find the arrangements to distinguish this opus from songs written by the Fréro and let his feelings do the talking.

With its synthetic swirls and rhythmic crescendos, Ouvre cette poupée announces what is to come in Matriochka, i.e. French chanson, electro-pop with Nordic echoes, heartfelt lyrics, skilfully refined orchestration… in short, an album with audacious tones and accessible melodies.

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