Keziah Jones

- 29 July 2022 - 22:00 /

A thin and elegant young man, Keziah Jones was discovered thanks to his planetary hit “Rhythm Is Love”. A guitar virtuoso, he invented music with mixed sounds that fuse funk, rock and blues, which he called "Blufunk"! From the release of his first album in 1992, Keziah Jones' energetic and percussive guitar playing, his dancing sound like the sound of a funk band and poignant like the voice of a blues singer, have the effect of a bomb.

Very influenced by the political and moral personality of the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, by the playing of Jimi Hendrix and by the funk of Prince, he has traveled the world for three decades, regularly delivering albums, like eclectic postcards. From studios to festival stages, the Nigerian native of Lagos has continually refined his unique style. In his album Black Orpheus released in 2003, he interpreted for the first time in his career in Yoruba, Orin O'Lomi, the language of his ancestors. The Nigerian Orpheus has never expressed his Africanness so clearly. 5 years after his last visit to the IN Festival, the gifted musician is back in Carcassonne for a free concert on Place Carnot!