La Traviata de Verdi

- 5 July 2022 - 21:30 /

An opera in three acts, by Guiseppe VERDI, premiered in 1853 at La Fenice in Venice, to a libretto by Francesco Maria PIAVE based on the novel by Alexandre DUMAS fils, LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS.

LA TRAVIATA has become in the twentieth century one of the most performed works in operas. After having conferred on Verdi, during his lifetime, international glory.

From the first notes of the opening of LA TRAVIATA, Verdi announces the end, or does he not already place himself at the end, and then go back to the past with the particular gaze that characterizes tragedy?
It is this dual point of view that guides this project. On the one hand, a dying Violetta who recalls the past and on the other, a Violetta who is dizzy in appearances and social glamor. On the one hand, a lucid Violetta witness to her vain hopes and on the other hand, a young and ambitious Violetta who tries to break out of social determinism through her unique sensuality. On the one hand, a Violetta who put on her social mask and on the other hand, at the end of her story, a Violetta without a mask who, eaten away by illness, lucidly observes the crossing of appearances and the mirror of the universe of men.

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  • Violetta: Serenad UYAR
  • Director: Olivier DESBORDES
  • Musical direction: Dominique TROTTEIN
  • Set and costumes: Patrice GOURON
  • Lights: Joël FABING
  • Open Air Opera Orchestra and Choir


  • Carré Or: 79 € *
  • 1st series: 70 € *
  • 2nd series: 60 € *
  • Youth and student prices at € 19 / senior at € 24 (within the limit of places provided for this purpose). Inquire at the PAC Ticket office.
  • PSH and PMR prices: inquire at the PAC Ticket office.

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