Les chevaliers du fiel

Camping car for ever
- 10 July 2019 - 21:30 /

Written by Eric Carrière - Starring Eric Carrière and Francis Ginibre

Camping-Car For Ever, the new 2019 show by Chevaliers du Fiel on the stage of the Jean-Deschamps Theatre on 10 July!

After Croisière d’enfer and Noël d’enfer Mr and Mrs Lambert have finally bought a camper van and embark on an adventure …
And what an adventure it is! Where will we sleep tonight? How much fuel will we use up a hill and how much rosé once we stop?
After the cruise and the Christmas dinner, two of the best French comedians in recent years, Chevaliers du Fiel, embark on a camper van saga … Laughter guaranteed.



€49* 1st category
€41* 2nd category
Carré Or (VIP category): €59*
*Including booking fees. All seats are numbered.

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