'Les élucubrations d'un homme soudain frappé par la grâce'

ÉDOUARD BAER starring Riton Liebman or Christophe Meynet
- 5 July 2020 - 21:30 /

In the theatre, a man on the run suddenly appears. Who is chasing him? Is he really under threat? He could turn back, get back to his normal life. There is still time. Just a matter of finding an excuse: a moment of panic, a mix-up, a chance encounter… Or alternatively casting off forever.

In this moment suspended in time where everything can change dramatically, he begins to dream of other lives. Great destinies. A call from the sea. He dreams of being Casanova, Bukowski, Thomas Bernhard, Romain Gary… What would they have done instead? And what would I do if I were myself?



Single rate: €43* (free seating)
*Including booking fees.

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