L'extravagante petite vie de J.C.D. Dreyfus

- 26 June 2022 - 22:00 /

Self-taught magician, transformist at the Grande Eugène cabaret, man of theatre, television and cinema, Jean-Claude D. Dreyfus has been dragging his inimitable look wherever he pleases for nearly 50 years. Capable of playing the Diva just as much for Michel Audiard as for Werner Herzog. Loubard one day at Gilles Béhat and Duc d'Orléans the next day for Rohmer. We have often met him at Mocky or Boisset, more mysteriously at Tommy Chong and remains permanently anchored in our memories thanks to his performance in Delicatessen or the Marie pubs, it depends. Jean-Claude D. Dreyfus is one of those outcasts, slightly crazy adventurers, often a poet and above all a bon vivant, in short, an endangered species. We wanted to meet the character and reminisce together about this extravagant little life.

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