Alternative Rock/Jazz
- 6 July 2019 - 22:15 /

Bands and fashions come and go, some remain and last. Much more than a simple musical spasm and passing fad, Magma established themselves in 1970 with their music, free from any compromises and clichés. Violent, virtuoso music unlike any other.

Founded by drummer and singer Christian Vander, the group quickly stood out from their peers with a powerful and relentless polyrhythm. Accompanied by big names in contemporary music, Vander remains a talented mentor, not unlike Miles Davis.

Since the band’s reformation in 1996, 5 new albums and concert DVDs have been released, while all previous albums have been reissued in vinyl format; they have embarked on world tour after world tour, attracting increasingly numerous and young fans!

For their 50th anniversary, Magma returns with a new opus entitled “ZESS”, recorded with the participation of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Magma’s music is timeless and the band will be back on stage on 6 July at the OFF Carcassonne Festival!