Michel Fugain fait bandapart

[Chanson Française]
- 9 July 2022 - 22:00 /

Michel Fugain celebrates his 80th birthday with a new show: "Fugain fait Bandapart".

“We come out of this period with a great desire to find ourselves, to do good for our souls and even better than before! For this new show, going to the essential, for me and for all of us, was to keep it simple, without frills, so that the emotions remain intact. We took the essentials, the eternal ones and the unpublished ones. We mixed everything, we added, readjusted and put together this moment of music, words and songs that we are going to spend together. As for my band, I swear it's a band like no other, really apart. So very logically we said to ourselves: Bandapart!… And presto! "Fugain does Bandapart", a show that has every chance of evolving again and again... As long as I'm alive. »

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Michel Fugain 50 years old! If we had told him at his beginnings, in 1966, that 50 years later, he would still be on stage, in the light, still singing, and still as passionate about what was at the start only a bet, a pass - time then gradually a job, he would have burst out laughing… because all that is not serious. Sing, a beautiful story, I won't have time, the party, watch out ladies and gentlemen, do like the bird... Essentials, eternal and unpublished for a show that has every chance of evolving again and again ...

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