Réveillon d'été

- 3 July 2022 - 21:30 /

Every year, four sisters celebrate their Christmas at the summer solstice - June 21 - in the family home, filled with childhood memories and the presence of missing parents. Sophie, a divorced nurse, tries to make ends meet and raises her daughter Julie alone, in the midst of a teenage crisis; Martine, professor of economics, still tries to believe in the transmission of knowledge; Françoise, perfect secretary in need of recognition, lives in the memory of a deceased love... Lucie, immature and whimsical actress, dreams of putting on "The Three Sisters" but runs the stamp (and the men...).

Add to that the unexpected arrival of Solange, a quaint and quirky spinster. Bickering, tenderness, dissatisfaction, disappointment... in short, the little things in our lives will invite themselves into a series of intrigues and joyful and nostalgic twists over the course of a weekend.