[Blues Rock Funk]
- 16 July 2022 - 22:00 /

Sanseverino is one of those bohemian artists who love the richness of a multiplicity of experiences. In a swing-rock formation, surrounded by a big band, in a trio with two accordions, or in a duo, Sanseverino always has the gift of making his songs and his audience swing. His latest album, Les Deux Doigts dans la Prize, was born from a desire to explore other places, other tracks, other sounds while going, among other things, for a ride on the side of funk and afrobeat sounds.

This time, the mood is more wandering: the theme is civic engagement, and his is listening. The artist summarizes, with his absolute sense of the formula: "To be inspired by different musical movements, while remaining faithful to my universe of words, my eternal stories, to my only way of writing". As for you, welcome on Saturday July 16 on the Carnot stage to find a blues-rock-funk trio on stage with bass (François Puyalto), drums (Stéphane Huchard), guitar-singing (Sanseverino) and participate in this musical anthology.