Sergent Garcia

- 27 July 2022 - 22:00 /

Sergent Garcia returns in 2022 with the historic formula with 9 musicians on stage. For twenty years the instigator of Salsamuffin, with this word, condenses the interbreeding he has achieved between rumba, ska, reggae, dance hall and Latin and Afro‐Caribbean rhythms, coming from his research into the musical heritage of countries such as Mexico, Cuba and Colombia, without ever losing that punk attitude of the 80s band Ludwig Von 88. Sergent Garcia ignites Europe and America, from North to South, and opened its doors for “a long time” to all the artistic sides of its profession.

His political compromise, his clear position in favor of minorities, the "disappeared" and the protection of the environment, are themes present in his songs and also for which his work marks the different generations. On stage, Sergent Garcia goes through his songs that have become legendary in their style (“Amor pa Mi”, “Acabar mal”, “Yo soy Salsamuffin”, “Jumpi”, “Medicine Man” “Yo me voy pa' la Cumbia”, “ Dulce con Chile»...), so come and attend this concert which will bring the crowds together at the OFF Festival in Carcassonne!