Stephan Eicher - Le radeau des inutiles

Stephan Eicher and his team have built a dream raft which will float under the flag of poetry and conviviality in 2022 on the banks of the Aude.

Stephan Eicher discovers the scene with his first group, the Noise Boys in 1977. Then two years later, he creates with his younger brother Martin, Grauzone, a techno punk group and precursor of electronic music. This is an opportunity for Stephan to enter the studio for the first time and record a 45 rpm, "Eisbar", which sells 500,000 copies in Germany and Switzerland. At the end of 1983, he released his first solo album, "Chansons bleues", which allowed him to make a name for himself in the musical world.

The triumph will come only two years later, in 1986 with the album "I tell this night" whose title "Two people in a room" quickly becomes a hit and in March of the same year, Stephan Eicher fills the mythical room from the Olympia in Paris. The first single, "How long" from his third album, "Silence" also quickly became a classic in his repertoire. From this album, Stephan Eicher decides to move away from his computers for the pleasure of playing with other musicians to show that there are other things afterwards.