- 15 July 2022 - 22:00 /

Her name is Stéphane, she is 25 years old. Just her first name says it all about her contrasts. Swiss by music-loving parents, the young artist has been immersed in music since childhood, becoming passionate about the guitar before later writing her own songs. For her, it's obvious. Armed with raw energy, rock'n'roll insolence and tender poetry, Stéphane now tells his stories, and those of others, as if they were his own. With a disarming naturalness, she finally becomes who she should be. As if it were written. After revealing part of his universe on his 1st track "Pain I'm fleeing" (one of the new scene tracks that performed the most in 2021), Stéphane now takes us to an ideal world on the mischievous and committed "Green Dream". , his first official single. Its chorus, "far from fine particles" and "the greenhouse effect", is proving to be extremely effective. With his first brilliant songs, Stéphane clearly imposes his multiple talents, without apologizing for being there. There for a long time.