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What a long way Synapson has come since their first Haute Couture EP, released in 2010! In 2015, the two artists released the famous project Convergence: in love with this soul where words give flesh to the lines of notes, they summoned a string of artists including the delicate Anna Kova, incarnation of All in You, title of the album, consecrated platinum after having sold 100,000 copies. In 2018, the duo released the Super 8 project: like this old camera that fixes happy memories, the eponymous disc is a notebook of 13 tracks unfolding these infusions which nourished the sap of the two producers.

In 2020, Alex & Paul are embarking on a new project including collaborations from all over the world: 'Global Music Vol.1'. “We find it interesting to mix our productions with voices from all over the world. The group is now 10 years old and we want to return to our first love. Make musical encounters and offer each of our pieces a new destination for listeners. And the musical journey continues, they are already working on the 'Global Music Vol. 2’ (release scheduled for 2022).

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Above all lovers of the stage, the Synapsons produce with a desire to share through the live: as true self-taught musicians, they surround themselves with singers and other musicians to complete them on stage. To experience this musical journey at the Festival OFF de Carcassonne, meet on July 30 at Place Carnot!

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