Trois Cafés Gourmands + Bénabar

- 21 July 2019 - 20:30 /

The Jean-Deschamps Theatre awaits you with a wonderful evening on 21 July 2019, a double bill of Trois Cafés Gourmands + Bénabar! With their elaborate texts and festive music, these artists are sure to make you dance and smile.

The “Trois Cafés Gourmands” band, made up of three childhood friends, Mylène Madrias, Jérémy Pauly and Sébastien Gourseyrol, was officially created in the summer of 2013.
After their first tentative steps, their friendship was sealed in music via three additional voices and two acoustic guitars. Their first compositions soon followed, with powerful texts and catchy melodies.

We catch a glimpse of their everyday life, love, family, disappointments and hardships. Behind the happy and festive tracks lies a certain nostalgia and melancholy which are revealed the more we listen to them.

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Everything accelerated in 2018, as the video of their single À Nos Souvenirs, shot in Corrèze, the region of origin of Trois Cafés Gourmands, got more than 14 million views on YouTube. The whole of France adopted À Nos Souvenirs transforming it into a genuine ode to everyday life, sung by all generations, from school playgrounds to night clubs.

With their powerful words, both nostalgic and festive, Trois Cafés Gourmands reinvents French chanson by combining folk, gypsy jazz, blues, pop and many more music genres.

“20 years. 20 years in the business... Bruno needed a break, human emotions, authenticity, good food, fun and a needed return to core values: family, his family, friendship, truth. In short, life! Bruno had to reinvent Bénabar.

A craftsman at heart, he took his time, worked, perfected, constantly refined the tone, lyrics, message, etc. It took nearly three years to reach the draft stage of a new project which he felt was acceptable. All that remained was to decide how to design and arrange it, how to harmonise it with the overall tone of the songs, the spirit of the times and its author. Where and when to go, and with whom?

July 2017, the planets aligned when he met Mark Daumail, leader of the band Cocoon... between fun-filled and alcohol-fuelled nights, precise chords and strokes of genius, the eagerly awaited 8th album took shape in Cocoon’s home studio.
With a more folk feel, electro touch and Mark’s distinct sound, Bruno’s songs have found a new platform and an incredible amount of freedom, lightness and insightfulness. Le Début de la suite deals with the future, positivity and moving forward. It also features Bénabar’s amazing trademark touch of tenderness, sharpness, self-mockery and humour.

This synergy works: using more refined, sharper and livelier arrangements, Mark and Bruno have created timeless songs.

This album will make you smile, dance, think and perhaps even cry. 2018 is a great year for Bénabar. Bon voyage”. Eric Jean-Jean

20 years in the business, 3 Victoires de la musique awards, 8 studio albums (including the one before us today), 2 live albums, 1 best of album, i.e. 3 million records sold. Add to that 2 film scores, 2 plays (one of which was co-written), 2 feature films (including Incognito with more than 1 million tickets sold), a remarkable performance in TF1’s tremendously successful series, Le Secret d’Élise, more than 800 concerts (Paris Bercy twice, Paris Olympia 4 times and more than 90 times in Zénith or equivalent venues), 90,000 copies sold of the latest album, Inspiré de faits réels, followed by a tour with over 100,000 spectators.



Prices: €49* free seating / Carré Or (VIP category): €59*
*Including booking fees. Only Carré Or seats are numbered.

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