Yuri Buenaventura

- 8 July 2022 - 22:00 /

World icon of Latin music, Yuri Buenaventura conquered France and Europe with his salsa cover of "Ne Me Quitte Pas", 1st gold disc of Latin salsa music awarded in France. Arriving in France at the age of 21 to study economics at the University of Paris in Nanterre, he performs as a percussionist in a small ensemble that plays in the Paris metro where he takes the microphone one day and is, without the know, propelled into a musical adventure that he had not imagined.

Claiming his roots, he chose Buenaventura as his stage name (the Colombian town where he was born). To thank France for the opportunities it gave him, he wrote “Herencia Africana”, his first album. "Ne Me Quitte Pas" hoists this album, a tribute to the Africanity of his island, to the top of the charts. Despite this success, Yuri Buenaventura refuses to settle for French standards. On "Yo Soy", his second album, the songwriter addresses the incredible biodiversity of his native region, a natural and cultural wealth that runs through his veins. He collaborated with the greatest of Latin music (Tito Puente, Camilo Azuquita and Orlando Poleo) and was decorated with the Knight of Arts and Letters medal by President François Hollande for his contribution to French music and culture. 7 albums later, Yuri Buenaventura is still as energetic and still intends to make his audience dance by the thousands on his Franco-Colombian salsa.